I am moving to another institution. Can I keep my account?

Your Facilitator account is secured to your Institution, so it cannot be "moved" as such.  However there are means by which you can transfer specific content to a new account in a new institution.  This article offers some suggestions on this process.

 Do not be tempted to open a second Free facilitator account within your (old) institution Xorro account but using your nrew institution email.  Whilst this will work, it will create quite a few headaches for you and others.  Most importantly, any groups you create will be visible to other Institution Managers (IM's) at your old institution, and this means that their memberships (your new students) will also be visible to those IM's.  Although their activity responses ("results") and grades etc  will not be visible to others, they are being bundled into the "wrong" institution account which technically means you would be sharing your students' data with a third party.  Furthermore, you would still be treated as a member of staff from the old institution so you would have access to their groups (and student lists) and any resources shared within the institution.  

 The correct path to take is to join your new employer's Xorro account (if they have one), or set up a new account.

To join an existing institution account you can either:

- ask an Institution Manager to create a new facilitator account in the Institution,
- you can create your own Free Facilitator account and while doing this select your new institution.  This will send an automated request to all IM's to approve your joining the institution.  This still allows you to start using Xorro-Q immediately but you will noty have access to your new institution's other groups, shared resources etc until your request is approved.

If your new employer does not yet have a Xorro account, then you can easily set up a new institution account for them (with you in it as a Free facilitator and Institution Manager).  

Transfering your content (questions you have created) 

If you want to transfer any content you created while with your old employer, the following approach will help:

Global sharing from your old account: Login to your old account.  Go to the Q-Bank tab, and import any questions you want to to access in future from your old activities (see: How can I import quantities of questions into Xorro-Q?).  Make sure to tag these question as you import them, with relevant tags which will make it very easy for you to find them later (often the original activity name can be a helpful tag).  Also make sure to set sharing level to Globalso that the questions can be "found" from another institution.

Accessing from your new account: Now login to your new account (in the new institution).  In Q-Bank, you can run a Global search for the tags you created earlier, to find the questions you imported.  If you want to use them in an activity the best way is to create the activity in the usual way, then click on "Import questions" button and perform the (global) search and select process.  This brings a copy of the selected questions into your new Facilitator account.

Stop global sharing: If you want to stop sharing the questions, you will need to log back into your old account.  Set the search Scope to "Mine" or "Institution", not "Global".  Search for the tags you used, and select the questions you want to stop sharing.  Once you have made your selection, you will be able to select "Edit Metadata" button at the top of the question list; in the "Share to" field select "Mine".  This retracts the global sharing for the selected questions.

Deleting your old content: If you want to delete the questions you can do so by deleting the original activities in your old account.  This will not affect any copies you may have created in your new account.  If your questions were "asked" of participants at any time (and responses were offered), then these "Results" (including a copy of the originally asked questions) cannot be deleted.


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