Creating & editing Facilitator accounts in Xorro-Q

In Xorro-Q, a "user" is a Facilitator (a teacher, a trainer, lecturer, presenter etc).  This is the person who leads or orchestrates a group activity.

Facilitator accounts can be set up in Xorro-Q by any Institution Manager.

There is no limit to the number of user accounts which can be created in an Institution.  The participation data collected by a user is accessible by that user and by Institution Managers.  The following process describes setting up a User account.  

To create a new Facilitator account:

  • Login to Xorro.
  • From your Profile menu (upper right of screen, dropping down from your login name), select “My Institution”.
  • On left hand side of screen, select “Users” under your Institution name.

EITHER add the new user manually...:

  • On right hand side of page – click the blue “New User” button.
  • Fill out the form.  You must identify the username, first name, last name and email, and set a password.  
  • By default, the new user's position will be shown as "N/A" signifying norman Facilitator privileges.  This may be elevated to "Institution Manager."
  • Press "Register" at the foot of the form.

OR send user(s) a link to add themselves directly into your institution:

  • On the Users page (below the heading) you will see the text "Invite new users to join your institution by sending them this link...".  Select the link and copy it, and send the link to your new user(s) eg by email.  When they click the link, they will be directed to a form through which they can self-enroll as facilitators in your institution.  Note that you can delete (and replace) this link at any time.

Remember than a new user will not yet have any Plan assigned.  By default, any user without a Plan assigned will be a Free Facilitator and therefore is subject to the Free Facilitator restrictions in use. To avoid this, assign a Plan to the user.


Plans & Pricing * Assigning Plans to Users

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