Creating & editing Facilitator accounts in Xorro-Q

In Xorro-Q, a "user" is a Facilitator (a teacher, a trainer, lecturer, presenter etc).  This is the person who leads or orchestrates a group activity.

Facilitator accounts can be set up in Xorro-Q by any Institution Manager.

To create a new Facilitator account:

There is no limit to the number of user accounts which can be created in an Institution.  The participation data collected by a user is accessible by that user and by Institution Managers.  The following process describes setting up a User account.  

  • Login to Xorro.
  • From your Profile menu (upper right of screen, dropping down from your login name), select “My Institution”.
  • On left hand side of screen, select “Users” under your Institution name.
  • On right hand side of page – click the blue “New User” button.
  • Fill out the form.  You must identify the username, first name, last name and email, and set a password.  
  • By default, the new user's position will be shown as "N/A" signifying norman Facilitator privileges.  This may be elevated to "Institution Manager."
  • Press "Register" at the foot of the form.

Remember than a new user will not yet have any Plan assigned.  By default, any user without a Plan assigned will be a Free Facilitator and therefore is subject to the Free Facilitator restrictions in use. To avoid this, assign a Plan to the user.


Plans & Pricing * Assigning Plans to Users

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