Ensuring Workbook & Alphateach connectivity across your network

Most customers use a proxy server to manage internet access by clients from within their networks.  Workbook and Alphateach require access to certain URL's in order to function correctly.  

Following is a list of the URL's for which your proxy must allow exceptions:


update.xorro.com: Required for activation and support

web.xorro.com: Required for activation and support

portal.xorro.com: Customisable portal for your Workbook/Alphateach browser

account.xorro.com: Set up Facilitator account; access Facilitator account (create activities, set up groups etc); share and access resources

resources.xorro.com: share and access shared resources

api.q.xorro.com: Q-Launcher requires this to run Q activities

api.flickr.com: Required for Resource Finder

www.youtube.comRequired for Resource Finder

www.googleapis.comRequired for Resource Finder

commons.wikipedia.org: Required for Resource Finder


In addition, it may be necessary to install a Flash Player plug (for access by Internet Explorer) for some operating systems, in order to view YouTube videos in Workbook/Alphateach.

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