Support Subscriptions for Xorro Workbook and AlphaTeach

In most cases the first year’s support is included in a bundle arrangement.  This means that the customer will have free access to the latest versions of the software from Xorro’s downloads page for a year from the date that the licenses were first generated for that customer.

At the end of the free support period, the customer can continue to use the version of the software which was current on the date the support expired, without any additional expense.  However, the customer will no longer have access to the latest software versions.  To benefit from the continuing maintenance and enhancements, customers should subscribe to annual support.

The customer can use their Customer Key to check their entitlements to the latest versions and to access downloads at

Why subscribe to support?

To maintain access to the current supported version, you need to subscribe to the support program. 

Maintaining a current support subscription is inexpensive, and obviously of great benefit:

  • Your Alpha Teach software will keep up with the changes in your computing environment (changes to Windows, changes to web services by Google, YouTube and others).  Without this, functionality would degrade rapidly;
  • Your users will benefit from continuous improvements being made to Alpha Teach. Recent releases include PDF import, improved geometry and drawing tools (compass, protractor, ruler), and improved glass mode annotation for high resolution displays.

Support subscriptions are charged annually, and they take effect from the day your subscription is processed.  If you are logged in to a Xorro account then payments can be made by direct bank transfer to our account (we will invoice your organisation).  Otherwise, payment can be completed using your credit card (via PayPal).

Subscribe now:

Have your Customer Key to hand.  Follow the link which relates to your product (either Workbook or Alpha Teach):

Subscribe to annual support for Xorro Workbook

Subscribe to annual support for Alpha Teach

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