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Quick Guides

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Getting started

Guide to download and install workbook

What is 'whiteboarding'?

What is 'whiteboarding', and how does Workbook help?

A Blank Canvas

Page properties, dimensions etc.

Objects on the Workbook Page

using ink, text, lines, shapes, images, videos, animations, web streams...

Actions on objects

moving, resizing (scaling), rotating, changing properties, flipping, stacking, grouping, linking...

Page sorter

working with pages


Grids & snapping

Concept maps, Mind maps, Flow charts

Using connectors in Workbook...

Workbook Tools You Need to Discover

Resource Finder, Screen annotation; stamps, cropping, stacking; spotlight; compass & ruler...

Productivity in Whiteboarding

Using custom tools and custom folders; hide-and-reveal activities and how to create them...