What information is available to the Participant through the Plus account?

On logging in to a Plus account, the participant will have the option of viewing their results history, or viewing their Plus account details and transactions.

Selecting the first of these (view Results) will present the participant with a list of all past activity results, by Institution.  These are listed in date order, with the oldest at the top of the list and the most recently added result at the bottom of the list.

If the Participant has Results associated with more than one Institution, then a results list will be provided for each institution where institutions are ordered alphabetically.

The results list displays (from left to right) the activity name, the number of attempts the Participant has made on this activity, and the best score from these attempts.

Clicking on the activity name from within the list will direct the participant's browser to the detailed "best result" page for that activity.  This is the same page which was reported to the participant on the completion of the specific activity result in question.


Participant Plus Accounts

 How do Participants create a Plus account?

How do Participants access their Plus account?


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