Participant Plus Accounts

Participants (without Plus accounts) in Xorro-Q do not normally hold any "account" privileges.  As such they have no way of logging in to Xorro, to view their own past Results, review activities, etc.  Instead, participants are provided with their results immediately following their participation in an activity, from within the same browser session.  These can be downloaded by the participant into their local device, and saved for future reference).

The Participant Plus account is an optional premium offering for participants.  Having a participant Plus account does not provide any benefits during an activity.  Instead, it provides the participant with reflective insights on past activities. 

The Participant Plus account provides participants with a log-in account  through which they can view their own past histories, review results and earlier activities, etc.  This provides the participant with reporting insights into their own use of Xorro-Q.  These insights could alternatively be realised without a Plus account by downloading every Result page following the activity, saving and organising these locally.

The Participant Plus account carries a standard charge which may vary by country.  

In the event that a participant joins a group which is subjected (by the Institution) to a Fee Policy, then in paying the fee that participant will automatically receive a Participant Plus account (at no extra charge).


 How do Participants create a Plus account?

How do Participants access their Plus account?

What information is available to the Participant through the Plus account?


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