Setting properties for questions in Q-Bank

Questions are organised in Q-Bank using the properties submitted when the questions are imported.  These properties can later be edited using Q-Bank's question editor. Using the question import process, properties can be chosen and applied to all of the selected questions at once.  The properties available are:

Category: Select up to three categories or sub-categories with which this question is to be associated.   If none of the provided categories suit, select "Others".  Note that you can create your own sub-categories in this list. See: Question Category (in Q-Bank)Adding new categories to your Q-Bank;

Share to:  Select the Scope to which you want to share this question.  If you do not wish it to be shared at all through Q-Bank, select "Mine" (this is the default value).  If you want to share the question with other facilitators in your institution, select "Institution".  If you want to share this question with all Xorro facilitators, select "Global" (See Question Scope in Q-Bank);

Source:  This is an open text field where the question's source or author might be enterred, in case this is helpful for later search purposes;

Tags: Here you should enter any tags which will be useful for searching this question in future. Typically, tags might include an activity name, a course identifier, a topic, learning outcome served by this question, a degree of difficulty, etc.  (see Using tags in Q-Bank).

Categories: Xorro-Q, Facilitators.
Tags: question properties.