Running Peer Assessments from Xorro-Q

A Facilitator can organise a Group of Participants into Teams, and then perform a Peer Assessment

Launching a Peer Assessment will involve the following steps:

1. Ensure the participants are correctly organised into their teams in the relevant group.  This will in most cases involve importing a Participants CSV file, having each participant as a member in one team.

2. Press the "Launch Peer Assessment" button on the Activities page.  In the form, 

  1. Provide a title for the Peer Assessment which will easily distinguish it in future.  Hint: Your title will probably include a date;
  2. Select the group (and the teamset if one already exists in Xorro), otherwise press the "Import" button to upload your CSV file.  You'll be able to preview the uploaded data before it is actually imported into Xorro-Q;
  3. Set the Start time (default by choosing "now"), and set the Due Date.  The Due Date is the date (and time) by which you want your participants to all have completed their surveys;
  4. Press the "Create activity" button at the foot of the form.  This will organise your Peer Assessment, inviting each participant to complete a customised survey.  The process can take a few seconds to complete if your class is large.  Once completed, you will automatically be directed to the Peer Assessment's "activity running page" from which you will be able to keep track of progress, and to perform various management functions.

3. In the Peer Assessment running page, you will be able to access the Peer Assess Pro dashboard to manage progress of the activity, and to finalise the activity.  In particular, you will:

  1. Select the Personal Result Calculation Method
  2. (Optional) Enter Team Results
  3. Action your responses to Warning Alerts presented in the Teacher's Dashboard
  4. Review class, team, and individual results, charts and statistics.
  5. (Optional) Publish Provisional Results for view by team members
  6. Publish Finalised Results for view by team members.

For full details, view the Peer Assess Pro Reference Guide or download the full PDF version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Peer Assessment

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Peer Assess Pro Reference Guide (PDF)

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