In Xorro-Q, a Participant is a person who accesses an activity and submits responses to questions in that activity.   In the education sector, a Participant is analogous to a student, or a trainee, or a learner.

A Participant's true identity is not necessarily known to the Facilitator of the activity: this will be the case if the activity has been set up to allow the Participant to access it using an Alias.  In most cases however, the Participants' identities are important for the purposes of tracking their responses over time.  In this case, Participants are required to access activities using a unique ID.

Participants are usually organised into Groups (analogous to courses, or classes) for the purposes of reporting on Results from activities.  Participants can also be organised into Teams within a Group.

Participants can be set up in Xorro-Q in several ways:

  • Manual addition of Participants one by one;
  • Bulk import of Participants using a Participants CSV file (Participants can be uploaded with their Group and Team associations in a single file);
  • Access by Participants from a LMS (Learning Management System) to an LTI activity (this automatically enrolls the Participants in Xorro-Q);
  • Self-Enrollment (if the Institution permits, a Facilitator can create a Group which accepts self-enrolling Participants).


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