In Xorro-Q, a Group is a set of Participants who are associated for the purposes of performing the same activities.   In the education and training sectors, a group is closely analogous to a course, or a class of students.   A Group has a Group name (most often the course name), and confers on its (participant) members the right to join activities which are specifically targeted to that group.

In Xorro's terminology, a Group is distinct from a Team. In most learning situations, a Group is typically a course, a class, or in some special cases a division of a large class (eg a cohort or tutorial stream).  A Group's member participants can be further divided into Teams.

When using Xorro-Q it is not obligatory to organise participants into Groups, however doing so does greatly enhance reporting and managing access to activities.  For instance, when an activity is run, access to the activity may be limited to those participants who are members of a selected Group.  Reports are created which indicate performance metrics for an entire Group, for example attendance and engagement metrics, or gradebook outcomes.  Some of these reports depend on the Group organisation.  For this reason, if output reporting is important then we recommend that participants be organised into appropriate Groups and that every activity should be associated with a Group.

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Setting Up Participants & Groups

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