Participants CSV File

The Participants CSV file is a file created for importing Participants in bulk into Xorro-Q, specifying their memberships in Groups and Teams.

A sample Participants CSV file is available for download.  Use this CSV file as a template, making sure to delete any sample data which is not wanted in the final group lists. 

The same CSV file format applies to all imports of participants, teams / teamsets, and groups.  The column headings used on the CSV file are critical, and must be identical to those shown below.    Notice that case matters:  "group_code" is not the same as "Group_Code", "Group_code", "group code" or "group-code".  Use the headings shown, with exactly the same characters and case, and taking care not to add any other characters (such as spaces or punctuation) to them:

id first last group_code team email
  • id - Compulsory field. Identifier for this participant, must be unique for the entire institution
  • first - Compulsory field. Participant's first name
  • last- Compulsory field. Participant's last name
  • group_code - Optional field. The code for the group (ie course or class) into which the participant is being enrolled. If the participant is in multiple groups, supply a separate line for each group in which the participant is a member.
  • team - Optional field. The name of the team in which the participant is a member. 
  • email - Optional field. The participant's email.

The order of the columns is not important. Columns containing non-compulsory and unwanted data may be ommitted from the import CSV file. 

Some data is critical (id, first, last) and the import will not succeed without that data.  Some data ('team') is dependant on other data ('group_code'), so if participants are to be organised into teams then they must be assigned to a group.  

The following outline the "rules" associated with the organisation of participants into groups, and into teams within groups:

  1. Every participant must have a first name ('first'), a last name ('last'), and an ID ('id').
  2. If the Participant will be involved in Peer Assessment activities, then the Participant's email must be provided.   (If the email is not provided then the import will succeed and the activity will be launched, but automated email notifications available through Peer Assessment will fail. Consequently, the facilitator will need to advise participants directly about the Activity URL, manage reminders, and the availability of interim and final results).
  3. It is best practice for participants to be assigned to at least one group; much of the reporting functionality in Xorro-Q revolves around group membership and not including this may significantly detract from data analysis options.  
  4. For participants to be assigned to teams, they must be in a group. A particular arrangement of participants into teams (within the group) is a teamset.  
  5. For a successful Peer Assessment, each team must comprise 3 or more students allocated with the same team identifier ("team_id" field in the CSV import file). The import of teams with 2 or fewer members will proceed and the Peer Assessment can be launched, however an Active Warning will be sent to the Facilitator to warn of the discrepancy and teams with 2 or less participants will be ignored by Peer Assess Pro.
  6. Where a group contains participants assigned to teams, then all participants in the group must be in a team.
  7. The participant can be a member of only one team in the same group. A participant may belong to different teams in different groups.

Where a participant is a member of multiple groups, or of multiple teams in different groups, this is represented in the Participants CSV file as multiple rows for this participant, with duplicate "id", "first" and "last" entries, one row for each group_code & team.  Xorro will automatically neglect any duplicate entries, but add or edit any new group or team memberships.

Example:  Consider the following list of ten participants as correctly loaded in a Participants CSV file::

id first last group_code team email
BOWI12 Bob Wilson 123.101 Tiger
ALJO11 Alice Jones 123.101 Panda
JOSM13 John Smith 123.101 Tiger
JOSM13 John Smith 123.202
GRGR15 Greta Green 123.101 Panda
GRGR15 Greta Green 123.204    
HEJO19 Henry Jones 123.101 Tiger
AMTO01 Amanda Tolley 123.101 Bear
JEWA06 Jeff Wang 123.101 Panda
HOBR03 Holly Brown 123.101 Bear

In this example There are three groups (eg courses) indicated.  Only one of these three groups (123.101) involves teams.  Every participant who is in 123.101, is assigned to a team, and in each case must have an email address in the record. 

Participant records assigned to the groups which will not run team activities do not need team or email information, but adding this will have no adverse effects.  Note that Gretna Green is a member of 123.101 in team "Panda", and in another line she is also recorded for group 123.204 (no team specified, and no email is required in the second record).    John Smith is also in 123.101 as well as another group without a team, but in this case his email has been added to the record for the other group (123.202).

Note that one of the teams in 123.101 (team "Bear") has only two participants in it and hence would be skipped in a Peer Assessment unless more participants are added later.