Assigning Plans to Users

In Xorro-Q, a "plan" is what enables a Facilitator to run live interactive sessions with groups.

If a Facilitator (user) has no plan assigned to it, then that user will operate under the "Free Facilitator" plan.  To remove various limit restrictions which apply, a different plan may need to be assigned to the user(s).  Compare Plans

Plans can be assigned and re-assigned at any time.  The arrangement is entirely flexible, to suit the changing needs of groups of facilitators.

To assign plans to Facilitator users:

  • Login to Xorro.
  • From your Profile menu (upper right of screen, dropping down from your login name), select “My Institution”.
  • On left hand side of screen, select “Licenses” under your Institution name.
  • On right hand side of page – click the blue “Allocate Users to the Latest” button.  This will allow you to allocate your users to the most recently purchased licenses (if you have multiple license terms and wish to allocate users to future or older licenses, you may do so by selecting the grey "Allocate" button for each license).
  • Move unallocated users from the left panel (“Free Facilitators”), into the desired panels on the right. There is a separate panel for each set of plans held by your Institution.  
  • If not enough plans are available, select user(s) from the right hand panels and press “Remove” to permit others to be added to a Plan.

Plans & Pricing




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