Setting Up Fee Policies

You may want to charge a fee for students to access an activity or a set of activities.  For example, this might any one or combination of the following:

  • A fee collected by Xorro from participants, to enable unlimited use of Xorro-Q, instead of your subscribing to a paid Facilitator Plan (Compare Plans);
  • A fee collected by Xorro-Q or by a content partner for special content (eg activities or questions), for which participants must pay;
  • A fee which your institution needs to collect from every participant in an activity or course: for example a course fee.

In Xorro-Q this is done using a Fee Policy.

A fee policy defines how participants will be asked to pay for membership in a specified group.  Once a fee poloicy is created, it can be assigned to as many groups as required.   There is no limit to how many fee policies your organisation might have.  

A minimum fee applies of US$4.95 per participant.  This amount is recovered by Xorro to compensate for the unlimited use of Xorro-Q.  Fees higher than this amount are shared between Xorro and the Institution.  Tell us your specific requirements.

Every participant who pays any fee under a Fee Policy will automatically receive a Participant Plus account at no added charge (value US$4.95).  If a participant wishes to join several groups with different Fee Policies applied to them, then a fee will apply for each group joined (ie there is no credit on earlier fees paid).  However if several groups have the same fee policy assigned to them, then the Participant will only have to pay that Fee policy one time; activities running for other groups using the same Fee Policy can be accessed by this Participant (if he/she is a member) without paying further fees.

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To set up a Fee Policy:

  • Log in (as an Institution Manager) to;
  • In the Participants tab, select "Manage Fee Policies";
  • Any existing Fee Policies will be listed hereand can be edited from here.  Press "Create" to set up a new Fee Policy";
  • Give your Fee Policy a name;
  • Enter a value to be charged to every student (currency can be changed if need be);
  • Enter any text which you want to appear to participants on the page where they are asked to pay this fee.  This text can include hyperlinks to supporting pages and resources - see  Adding a hyperlink to the Fee Policy text;
  • Click "Create" when ready....
  • Your Fee Policy has been added to the list, and may now be assigned to Groups.

To assign a Fee Policy to groups:

  • Select the Fee Policy;
  • Click on the "Assign to Groups" button;
  • Select the groups to which you want this policy to be applied;
  • Click on "Update" at the foot of the page to save the selection.

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