Licensing of Workbook / Alpha Teach

Xorro Workbook (and whiteboarding solutions derived from it such as Alpha Teach) is licensed either on a per-user basis or on a site-wide (unlimited installations) basis.

The license is a perpetual use license:  Users are entitled to enjoy the use of the software perpetually, at the version current when purchased (or the version current when a support subscription expires).  Access to updates (containing remedies, maintenance and improvements to the software) is managed through an annual support subscription. 

You can use your Customer Key to check your version entitlements and to access downloads at

Licenses and Activations

Very often customers receive Workbook or Alpha Teach (“the software”) bundled with an interactive display or interactive whiteboard (IWB).  Usually this arrangement supports the installation and activation of the software on one computer per display.  In some other cases the arrangement specifies three or five activations per display.  In most cases the first year’s support is included in a bundle arrangement, so that the users can enjoy continuing improvements to the software without additional expense for one year from the date the licenses were issued.  

(Example: if ten displays are purchased, then ten “user licenses” will be supplied to the customer on the same Customer Key; this will support the activation of the software on ten different computers).  

Although the software is nominally licensed on a per user basis, the management of licensing is per (computer) device on which the software is activated.  To compensate for this difference, Xorro’s licensing server allows for a small proportional excess in the number of activations supported beyond the count of users licensed.   In addition, over time more activations are added automatically to allow for computer replacements.  An algorithm determines how many additional activations (ie on different computers) are to be supported under the license based on the elapsed time since the license was supplied.  This is on the basis that the user is entitled to reinstall the software to a replacement computer.

 (Example:  An academy receives a license for 25 users of Workbook as a consequence of the deployment of that many interactive displays.  Workbook is installed on 25 computers.  Two of the users also install Workbook onto their home computers; the licensing server allows this to proceed.  18 months after the purchase of the displays 12 computers are replaced and Workbook installed on to these.  A further 6 computers are replaced 10 months later, and another 7 computers 12 months after that.  The activations proceed smoothly for all cases).

This arrangement can in a few cases lead to frustration:  If the software is installed onto computers which are replaced very shortly after the installations, then (depending on the number of computers involved and the size of the license) this can easily result in some of the replacement computers being refused activation.  In this situation please contact your dealer to organise additional activations; these will permit an agreed number of additional activations on the same licensing.  This additional limit will be valid for a short period only, during which the reinstallations must be completed.


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