Welcome to your Participant Plus account

QPlus What your Plus account gives you

Without a Participant Plus account, participants in Xorro-Q do not have a personal “account” through which they can access their own data, for example to view their past activity results.  If they want to be able to review their past activity results, they have to download their results while still logged in at the end of the activity.

Your Participant Plus account changes all of this.

You can now log in to a personalised, secure account where results from all of your past activities are kept together for you to review.  All activities, from all groups (or courses) you have been in, will be presented for you in historical order.  You will see at a glance your progress through multiple assigned activities, and you’ll be able to look at your previous submissions and any feedback on these, for every question you have answered using Xorro-Q.

Charges for Participant Plus accounts

The Participant Plus account carries a standard charge which may vary by country.  This provides a specified term (usually one year) of access to your account

In the event that a participant joins a group which is subjected (by the Institution) to a Fee Policy, then in paying the fee that participant will automatically receive a Participant Plus account (at no extra charge).  This is often the case where specialised content is made available to a group.  In such a case, the access fee the participant pays for the content will  include access to a Plus account.

Logging in

You can log in to your Plus account by directing your browser to http://q.xorro.com/plus....


by following the links from within the Q-Plus ads on facilitator pages (those which list their running activities),


at the end of any activity (the activity results page).

Your Results

On your Results summary page you will see a list of the activities in which you have participated, and the best score achieved in each.

To view the actual activity result record, including your responses to each question and feedback provided, just click on the activity title.


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