Setting Up Fee Policies

You may want to charge a fee for students to access an activity or a set of activities.  For example, this might any one or combination of the following:

  • A fee collected by Xorro from participants, to enable unlimited use of Xorro-Q, instead of your subscribing to a paid Facilitator Plan (Compare Plans);
  • A fee collected by Xorro-Q or by a content partner for special content (eg activities or questions), for which participants must pay;
  • A fee which your institution needs to collect from every participant in an activity or course: for example a course fee.

In Xorro-Q this is done using a Fee Policy.

A fee policy defines how participants will be asked to pay for membership in a specified group.  Once a fee poloicy is created, it can be assigned to as many groups as required.   There is no limit to how many fee policies your organisation might have.  

A minimum fee applies of US$4.95 per participant.  This amount is recovered by Xorro to compensate for the unlimited use of Xorro-Q.  Fees higher than this amount are shared between Xorro and the Institution.  Tell us your specific requirements.

Every participant who pays any fee under a Fee Policy will automatically receive a Participant Plus account at no added charge (value US$4.95).  If a participant wishes to join several groyups with Fee Policies applied to them, then a fee will apply for each group joined (ie there is no credit on earlier fees paid).

To set up a Fee Policy:

  • Log in (as an Institution Manager) to;
  • In the Participants tab, select "Manage Fee Policies";
  • Any existing Fee Policies will be listed hereand can be edited from here.  Press "Create" to set up a new Fee Policy";
  • Give your Fee Policy a name;
  • Enter a value to be charged to every student (currency can be changed if need be);
  • Enter any text which you want to appear to participants on the page where they are asked to pay this fee;
  • Click "Create" when ready....
  • Your Fee Policy has been added to the list, and may now be assigned to Groups.

To assign a Fee Policy to groups:

  • Select the Fee Policy;
  • Click on the "Assign to Groups" button;
  • Select the groups to which you want this policy to be applied;
  • Click on "Update" at the foot of the page to save the selection.


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