How do Participants find your activity?

To invite participants to a running activity:

For a Live (Real-Time) Activity

- Give participants your Facilitator URL.  If you have other (self paced) activities running at the same time, participants will then need to press the blue "Live Session" button.

- Display the QR code (either from Q-Launcher, or from the running page on your QF site).  Scanning this with a QR code reader will take participants directly to your running Real Time activity.

For a self-paced activity:

- Give participants your Facilitator URL and ask them to select the relevant activity from the list of running activities; or

- If you have created an "activity permalink" for this activity, give the permalink to your participants. 

Important note:  When an activity is created, a unique id is generated for this activity.  This id is used to access the activity during editing.  When the activity is run, a copy of the activity is created along with a new activity id which is then used in an activity url to access the running activity.  This permits changes to the original activity to be saved without corrupting the running activity's results.  Using an "activity permalink"  allows a Facilitator to automatically replace a running activity with a changed version of the activity.  The participants will experience this seamlessly, however a new Results set will be generated.


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