Login Type

An activity's Login Type determines how participants will access the activity.  Subject to Institution Settings, a Facilitator can choose the Login Type when creating an activity and/or when running any activity.

Login Type options are:

ID or Alias: Participants may login to the activity using either an ID or an Alias.

Alias only:  Participants must specify an Alias when they login.  Using an Alias provides anonymity to participants, however it does result in loss of some data integrity (see links at foot of this article).

ID only: Participants must enter their ID when they login.  The ID must exist in the Institution's roll of participants.  

Selected Group Only:  Participants enter their ID, and that ID must be a member of the Group associated with the activity.  Note that there is a special case, in which the group can be set up as a self-enrolling group (subject to this being permitted in Institutiuon Settings), meaning that new participants can enroll themselves into the group and into the institution.

It is recommended that Selected Group Only be used as the default Login Type, as this ensures the best quality of data for future analytics purposes.  It also provides a better participant experience in the event of the participant temporarily losing access to the activity, since their browsere session details are not kept; this can result in frustrating loss of session continuity..

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