Your Xorro login (for Workbook / Alphateach users)

You don't have to have a Xorro login to enjoy using Workbook. However, having a login means you will get better on-line service (since we know where you're coming from). 

There are two levels of account with Xorro:  A Xorro-ED membership, and a full Xorro account.

When you join the free Xorro-ED community you will be given a Xorro login. This is not linked to your organisation's account, and although you'll be able to access and share resources with others, you won't be able to use Xorro-Q.  Xorro-Q provides great added value to Workbook, and comes without any cost commitments so you will certainly want to take advantage of it by becoming a Free Facilitator.

A Free Facilitator login lets you use Xorro-Q to engage audiences using their own devices. You can ask questions which are sent to the participant devices right from Workbook. Responses can be dragged into the Workbook pages if desired. More about Xorro-Q.

To get started as a Free Facilitator, create your own account.  You will be asked to identify your Institution; if an institution with a similar name already has a Xorro account you will be able to join this through an automated request (a 'merge request") which is sent to the relevant managers in your Institution (Who are the Institution Managers at my organisation?)


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