How do I register as a new Xorro-Q user?

There are plenty of good reasons to become a Free Facilitator in Xorro-Q.  To list just a few:

  • Engage your audience in class and lecture settings by asking instant questions;
  • Use the Leaderboard to motivate participation and stimulate competition;
  • Easily perform peer assessments with your teams and work groups;
  • Improve learning through your quizzes and homework activities using sophisticated question types with automated assessment and personalised feedback;
  • Save time and effort when you download complete gradebooks or have them automatically applied into your LMS.

Free Facilitators have full access to Xorro-Q to author, share, access and run activities.  Constraints only apply to the size of the largest class, course or group of participants accessing these activities. Different Facilitator Plans allow an Institution to flexibly buy capacity on Xorro-Q and share this around its staff.  Xorro-Q also supports participant-funded alternatives.   Read more about Plans and Pricing...

There are two easy ways to join up as a Free Facilitator in Xorro-Q:

  1. If you don't know anyone at your organisation who is already using Xorro-Q, then sign up as a Free Facilitator.
  2. If your organisation is already using Xorro-Q, one of the Institution Managers can add you as a Free Facilitator to the account.

Signing up as a Free Facilitator

To sign up as a Free Facilitator, complete the short form at You'll need to enter your first and last names, your email address, and you'll need to choose a username and password for your account. 

Your username just needs to be unique; some people use their email address as a username but any unique alphanumeric string will do so long as it uses ordinary characters and has no spaces or punctuation.  Your password is case sensitive (but username is not). 

You will also have to identify the organisation with which you work (why is this needed?

As you start typing the name of your organisation into the field, Xorro will list any institution accounts which have similar names so you can choose one of these if appropriate.  If your organisation is not among those listed then select "Create a new organisation" to create your new institutional account in Xorro-Q.

If you selected one of the listed organisations, your account will be set up initially as a fully-functional stand-alone institution.  Your details will be sent as a "merge request" to the institution managers for the account you chose, asking them to approve a merger of your new institution account with the chosen account.  Until they approve, you will not have access to data from the other facilitators in the institution (such as group and participant lists, shared resources etc). 

Buying a Facilitator Plan

Free Facilitators have generous limits to what they can do in Xorro-Q.  However, if you are running a large group and need to use Xorro-Q intensively, you will want to choose a Facilitator Plan, or consider a Participant Funded model.

Your first steps with Xorro-Q:

Once you've joined up, check out our Getting Started guide: Xorro-Q in 7 Bites


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