Applying customised Workbook settings to all users

Custom toolbars and settings are stored in ini files for each user.

When opening, Workbook applies the settings found in ini files for each user in that user's profile folders.  If the ini files do not exist in that folder then Workbook will adopt the ones available in the "All Users" section, and copy these into the user's folder.    Therefore, to apply any desired customisations (for example, custom toolbars, or toolbar placements) to all users on the network, it is only necessary to customise the settings for one user, then copy that user's ini files into the "all user" profile in the general deployment.  

To create a set of organisation-wide default settings:

Open Workbook and prepare the desired customised toolbars, toolbar locations and other settings.  When finished, close Workbook (exit).   Then copy the customised .ini file from: 

  • For Xorro Workbook: %appdata%\Xorro\
  • For Alpha Teach: %appdata%\Alpha Teach\

To now apply this to all users paste it to:

  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Xorro\Workbook\
  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Alpha Teach\Workbook\

Note that the above will not overwrite the customised ini files of those users who have already run Workbook and made their own customisations, ie their own customisations will be preserved.   If you want to overwrite an existing user’s settings, you will need to delete or replace the ini files in that user’s %appdata%\Xorro\ folder (losing any customisations that user has made).


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