Why does having an account in Xorro-Q require an organisation to be identified?

When signing up as a Facilitator in Xorro-Q, you are required to identify the organisation with which you work.  This is needed in case you might need to share data with other people in your organisation at some future time.  There are many cases in which this is required, including the following:

- Share with other facilitators in the same organisation any questions or activities you have created, and access any resources they wish to share with you (see: How can I.....Share prepared activities or just questions with other Facilitators;    Using Q-Bank to Find and Manage Questions;    What do the terms "Mine", "Institution" and "Global" mean in the Q-Bank sharing and search functions?)

- Access groups (ie participant lists, course organisation etc) across the institution, so they are administered from one source rather than relying on each facilitator to reimport them (see:  Setting Up Participants & Groups;    How can I.....Make sure my participants are recognized and organised into groups;    Importing Participants, Teams and Groups;    Can I import all participants and groups for the institution, together at one time?)

- Integrate Xorro-Q activities with your organisation's Learning Management System (LMS), so that participants can access them by logging in through bthe LMS, and all results are automatically applied to the Gradebooks in the LMS.  (see:  Integrating Xorro-Q with your LMSUsing Xorro-Q with your LMS via LTI (Facilitator instructions)


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