What can Institution Managers do in Xorro-Q?

Administrators (or "Institution Managers") in Xorro-Q can perform all the functions of a Facilitator.  In addition, they have overview of all Xorro-Q functions in the institution, for example:

Many administration functions are accessed through the drop-down profile menu which appears top right of the display once you are logged in to any xorro.com site.  Only Institution Managers will be able to access "My Institution" and "Xorro-Q Institution Settings".

"My Institution"

Select "My Institution" to manage your institution's account, add or edit users, allocate Xorro-Q plans to users, change your Xorro-Q plans, and access institution-wide reports.

From your profile menu, select "My Institution".

The "Institution Dashboard" which appears gives you an instant view of institution-wide metrics, for all facilitators and all participants.

On the left of the page you will see three menu groups:  The top relates to your personal account; the second relates to the institution's account; the third provides access to Help.

In the Institution's "Profile" you can edit the Institution details.

Under "Users" you can view and edit all facilitator users in the Institution.  You can add new users; you will be able to assign these Institution Manager privileges if required.

Under "Licenses" you can access the institution's Xorro-Q license.  Click on the "Allocate Users" button to selectively allocate your users to available Plans.  You can click through to buy more Plans or extend your urrent ones as well.

"Reports" provides a range of institution-wide reports on engagement.

"Xorro-Q Institution Settings"

Select "Xorro-Q Institution Settings" to adjust how Xorro-Q is experienced by Facilitators and Participants across the entire institution.

Participant Login Methods define how participants access activities run by facilitators in this institution.  They can be set as defaults which a Facilitator can change, or they can be enforced.

Self enrolment settings define the participant experience around self-enrolment (if permitted).  See 

You can select the currency which will apply to any Fee Policies you might establish.

You can also permit activities to be set up as LTI enabled (meaning that they can be accessed and run through an LMS such as Moodle or Canvas).  Learn more about LMS integration

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