Activating Xorro Workbook and AlphaTeach (offline activation)

Having installed Workbook (AlphaTeach), it is necessary to activate the software within 30 days of first opening it. Activation requires the use of a 16-digit Customer Key.   Note that your Customer Key will allow you to update your software provided that you are subscribed to annual support; otherwise the Customer Key will be valid for a specific version of the software to which you are entitled.

Every time the software is started, the user will be prompted to launch the activation process.  The activation process depends on whether the computer has internet access or not. If connected to the internet, the Customer Key may be entered and activation is achieved online. 

If no internet access is available on this computer, an alternative "offline" process is available.  This can be accessed from the lower part of the activation prompt message, by selecting "I don't have internet access".  This will generate a request code, in the form of several lines of text.  This must be copied (as text) into a file on a removeable medium (such as a USB key).  On a different computer (with internet access), the user must browse to  There, the copied request code must be pasted into a field provided for this purpose.  On submitting this a response code is produced; we call this the "validation code".  This validation code must be copied into a text file on the removeable medium.  Returning to the (offline) computer on which Workbook (AlphaTeach) is to be activated, on the opening activation prompt, select "I already have the offline validation code".  Enter the validation code into the field provided, and click "next" to activate.

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