Problems with completing Workbook / Alpha Teach Activation

The activation process relies on:

- The current version of the software;

- A correct Customer Key;

- An effective internet connection to the Xorro licensing server;

- Sufficient remaining activations available on the license;

- Appropriate write access permissions to specific folders on the user's computer.


Use the latest version of the software

The current version of the software may be obtained from  Enter your Customer Key to download the latest version of the software to which your support subscription entitles access.  If your support subscription has expired, you can continue to use older versions of the software and these should activate without problems.  However, Xorro cannot maintain past versions of the software, so if there is any activation problem with an old version the only remedy available through Xorro, is to subscribe to support and access the latest version of the software.

Use your Customer Key

The activation process is tied to your Customer Key.  If you use a different key, this may not work at all.  If you do not know your Customer Key, please ask your dealer to help.

Effective Internet Connection

The activation process involves an exchange of data between the user computer and Xorro's on-line activation server.  This requires a live internet connection.  As an alternative, activation can be performed off-line for a specific computer, by extracting data to create a code.  A different device which is connected to the internet, is then used to send this code to the Xorro Server and obtain a response code.  This response code can then be keyed into the user computer to complete the activation.  Please check 'Ensuring Workbook connectivity across your network' to ensure Workbook / AlphaTeach can access relevant services and sites over the internet.

Sufficient remaining activations

Licenses for the software are often limited to a specific number of devices on which the software may be installed and activated.  As devices are activated, the numberof possible future activations reduces.  See Licensing of Workbook / Alpha Teach and Activating Workbook & Alpha Teach for details.

Appropriate write access permissions

The activation relies on being able to make and save changes to files in the C:\ProgramData\Alpha Teach folder (default location).  If the files cannot be changed, or if this folder is subjected to being cleansed of any changes, then the activation may not succeeed, or may not be saved.  Please ensure that ProgramData folders can receive changes ie are not read-only.

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