Cloning objects and pages in Workbook

“Cloning” is really just a quick way of performing a copy and paste. 

To clone an object on your page: Right click on an object (or click its context menu, upper right), and select “clone”.  This places an identical copy of the object right next to it.  This is useful for saving time in producing many identical copies of a particular object. 

An infinite clone lets you create a clone every time you click and drag off the object…. 

Cloning pages:    Cloning a page is every whiteboarder's dream come true.  Think of all those times you've wanted to make a change to a whiteboard activity without losing the work you’ve already done?  This might force you to first take a snapshot of the whiteboard …. Or …..

With Workbook, just clone the page (right click off the page thumbnail on Page Sorter), and make changes to the cloned page at will.  Both copies are of course preserved in the Workbook.  This is enormously productive when brainstorming and in creative and planning activities of all sorts.




10-Step Outline to Using Workbook

What is 'whiteboarding', and how does Workbook help?

A Blank Canvas: Page properties, dimensions etc.

Objects on the Workbook Page: using ink, text, lines, shapes, images, videos, animations, web streams...

Actions on objects: moving, resizing (scaling), rotating, changing properties, flipping, stacking, grouping, linking....

Page sorter: working with pages

Cloning pages & cloning objects on your page, and infinite clones

Grids & snapping: Alignment and drawing aids, plus great templates for handwriting & music

Concept maps, Mind maps, Flow charts: Using connectors in Workbook...

Workbook Tools You Need to Discover: Resource Finder, Screen annotation; stamps, cropping, stacking; spotlight; compass & ruler...

Productivity in Whiteboarding: Using custom tools and custom folders; hide-and-reveal activities and how to create them....

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