Using Connectors to build Concept maps, Mind maps & Flow charts

 One of the most popular Workbook tools is the Connector Line. 

Connector lines are really just a special type of straight line.  The difference is that a connector line is designed to be anchored at each end by an object on your page. Therefore, when you move the object, the connector line moves too. 

This makes the connector line ideal for building flow diagrams and concept maps, connecting different objects on your page to present associations between them.  

Creating a connector line between two objects

You can create a connector line between any two objects as follows:

Let's call the object from which the line starts, the "Parent", and the object you want the connector line to point to, the "Child."

  • Select the connector line tool
  • Click on or inside the boundary of the "Parent", and drag to the top of (inside the boundary of) the "Child"

Your connector line now connects the Parent and the Child.  Notice that there is a "direction" to the connector's relationship:  From parent, to child.  

This is an important property of a connector line, in that it can be used to indicate direction or hierarchy in the relationship between two connected objects.  Notice how, when you draw a connector line from one object to another, and then select the first (source) object, this now displays a green handle at the top left.  This indicates that this object is now a “parent” and has one (or more) “child” objects connected to it.  If you click on the green handle, the child objects are “collapsed” into the parent object and the handle turns grey.  Now just click on the grey handle to expand out the child objects again.


10-Step Outline to Using Workbook

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A Blank Canvas: Page properties, dimensions etc.

Objects on the Workbook Page: using ink, text, lines, shapes, images, videos, animations, web streams...

Actions on objects: moving, resizing (scaling), rotating, changing properties, flipping, stacking, grouping, linking....

Page sorter: working with pages

Cloning pages & cloning objects on your page, and infinite clones

Grids & snapping: Alignment and drawing aids, plus great templates for handwriting & music

Concept maps, Mind maps, Flow charts: Using connectors in Workbook...

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Productivity in Whiteboarding: Using custom tools and custom folders; hide-and-reveal activities and how to create them....

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