Activating Workbook & Alpha Teach

What is "activation"

After Workbook or Alpha Teach has been installed on a new computer, it must be activated within thirty days to remain operational. 

Activation is the process by which a computer on which the software has been installed, validates through Xorro’s online activation service that the installation is within the terms of the license.

The activation makes use of a Customer Key: a 16 character unique code associated with the Customer’s organisation.  This, combined with a unique device identifier for the computer, is submitted for approval by the activation server. 

After activation, the number of remaining activations available for future installations of the software to other devices reduces.

 How to activate your software

If the software has been installed but not activated on your computer, starting the software will raise a prompt asking you to activate the software.  If you are still within the thirty day trial period (thirty days from the date on which the software was first run on this computer), then you will be able to skip this process.  If the trial period has expired, you will not be able to use the software on this computer without activating it.

You can alternatively find a link to activate from within the running software; look under the Help menu.

To activate online, all that is required (aside from an internet connection) is your Customer Key.  If prompted, enter this into the space provided and submit.  Note however that in some cases, the network-wide deployment of the software provides your Customer Key to the process so that you do not need to enter anything; in this case just follow the prompts).

If you do not have an internet connection on this computer, there is a process by which you can perform the activation through any other device which does have such a connection: Activating Xorro Workbook and AlphaTeach (offline activation)


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